The Mount Joy Covenant Brethren Church is located one mile east of Mount Pleasant, in Westmoreland County. Known until 1924 as the Jacob Creek congregation, it began in 1811 with thirty members who lived near Dawson and Connellsville. Members met in homes and school houses until a stone meeting house was created in 1815 near Dawson. Membership gradually shifted to the Mount Pleasant area. The first Love Feast was held in the Abram Myers barn. Construction of the new Mount Joy Church building was begun in 1878 and dedicated in 1879.


Two daughter congregations were organized, one in Mount Pleasant and one in Wooddale. In 1924, the Church was officially named Mount Joy, and the church property was incorporated. Clayton Whitehead was the first Pastor, serving 1907-1909. In 1976, the old building was razed, and a new building was started. Members and friends performed most of the labor. The first Worship Service was held on July 2, 1978. At that time, there were 573 members.


A pavilion was constructed and dedicated in 1985 in the honor of Rev. Durward Hays. We still benefit from it when we gather together for our annual Sunday School and Church picnic as well as at other times. The public is welcome to reserve this pavilion. Those interested must call the church office for details and to do so.


Most recently, in April 2021, the congregation voted unanimously to leave the Church of the Brethren denomination that it had long been a part of and all but one member voted to join the new Covenant Brethren Church denomination. This change was due to the Church of the Brethren denomination no longer upholding the authority of Scripture and allowing the practice and promotion of teachings and practices contrary to Scripture.


To date, God has graciously called the following pastors to shepherd this flock and minister His Word to us:

Clayton Whitehead: June 1907-March 1909

B. B. Ludwig: May 1912-November 1919

Robert J. Hull: November 1919-September 1923

Frank A. Myers: September 1923-August 1929

W. K. Kulp: September 1929-August 1937

Quincy Holsopple-September 1937-August 1941

Charles W.Blough: December 1941-May 1945

Harper M. Snavely: October 1951-September 1953

John M. Geary: February 1954-November 1974

Galen Hoover: August 1975-October 1976

Durward Hayes: June 1977-August 1990

Harry Patterson: October 1990-June 1992

Robert L. Bloom: August 1993-March 1997

Charles Whipple: August 1998-August 2003

Mark Peachey: June 2004-August 2010


God continues to write our history with our current pastor, P.V. Lee Smith, having been brought to the congregation in July 2011. We would love for you to become a part of that ongoing history as well!